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DANIELS GREER PROPERTIES, LLC was formed in 1998 by William Daniels and Amanda Greer Duenner. The Company specializes in tenant representation, site location and development for medical/office buildings as well as marketing and project leasing of medical office, class A and B office buildings. Today, the Company is one of two largest per square foot office leasing companies in the city, marketing and project leasing over 1.5 million square feet of office space in Tulsa and Arkansas.

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How Commercial Real Estate Tulsa continues to Grow

When you look at the economic growth in the United States there are a number of different indicators that you can use. However, some of them have become skewed by technology and will never be quite the same. One of those indicators over the years has been a steady increase in the amount of electricity the country has used but now, due to the incredible adaptation of super-efficient LED lights, that metric will never again be relevant. The growth of commercial real estate Tulsa has been a steady indicator that seems to be holding steady, let’s take a look at what’s included in that and what it means to the economy.

In Commercial Real Estate There Are Always Subsets Of Good And Bad

One thing that is always happening with commercial real estate is that there are always some kinds of businesses that are on the rise while others are faltering and going by the wayside. There are lots of industrial sectors of cities all across the United States that have taken huge hits in manufacturing over the past several decades. However, in many of those cities, the old brick walled factories have been renovated into lofts, retail establishments, restaurants, bars, brewpubs, and graphic artist studios.

As long as there is a pent-up demand for space in the city there will always be a developer willing to invest the funds to re-purpose older buildings into new multi-purpose commercial real estate. The key factor in many cases is whether the city itself is a vibrant, growing, metropolitan area that attracts the kinds of industry and workers that enjoy living and working in that type of environment. Plus, with many new hi-tech firms, there is no need for railroad tracks and loading docks, just a strong internet infrastructure, good public transportation, and close to amenities that will attract the new workers they need to thrive.

Major Publications Predict Strong Office Space Tulsa Growth For 2017

As the overall economy in the US continues to grow it also puts pressure on such sectors as office space and industrial space that continues to spread into the suburbs as the inner cities fill up. Forbes is predicting a fall in vacancy rates for industrial space to 7.1% for 2017 and multifamily housing to hold steady at 6.5% nationwide as well. This is seen as a good economic indicator since the economy has now been growing consistently for nearly 9 years straight.  Many office spaces for lease in Tulsa are springing up all over the place.

One sector of the economy that’s had a serious downturn is retail where many malls and large shopping centers are struggling to survive. While this is putting a large number of people out of work in those locations, huge online retailers are adding more workers every single day. Prices of many goods are dropping and home delivery is becoming more popular which brings a different group of workers into the workforce instead. Now there are drivers, mechanics, and warehouse people replacing retail clerks. This scenario hasn’t finished playing out since many old-line retailers are still closing stores so it will still be awhile before the dust settles.

The Incredible Increase In Online Business Is Growing

Helped by the use of smartphones and easy internet access millions of people are now buying everything online and having it delivered to their homes. People now spend less time shopping at the store and more time doing other things which may end up being a fundamental long-term change in the economy. Soon, with driver-less cars able to pick up and deliver people anywhere, more entertainment venues could become hot spots.

There are a lot of changes coming to the commercial real estate world and they’re happening faster all of the time. The major game changers of online purchasing, driver-less cars, more free time, and fewer worries are going to change the very fabric of life in the US and the world.

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