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Saves Time

Let us find the office space for you and save you countless hours of time.

Save Money

By using us, we can find you deals that are not being marketed and get you better rates through our network.

Easy To Reach

We are a email or phone call away. Reach us easily about any question you have. We will keep you updated on the progress as well.

We Do All The Work

We do the research, the planning, the negotiating for better rates, and we deal with construction to save you time and money. Till the very end!

Amanda Duenner

Amanda entered the Tulsa commercial real estate market in 1993 and has proceeded over the past sixteen (16) years to sell over $42.5 million worth of commercial property and project lease or represent tenants on over 5 million 

The Roles of the Tenant Representative


Market Expert
Professional Negotiator
Process Manager

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