Medical Office Space in Tulsa

Are you starting a new medical practice? Do you need a new location for your practice? Regardless of the situation, you are in, the choice of office space for your clinic is an important decision that will go a long way in determining how successful it will be. This way, it is essential to take your time and analyze the options at stake to ensure that you land the right space for your practice. Doing it can be overwhelming, but this won’t happen if you have the right tips that will point out the critical things to look out for when searching for this space. Read on;


The population can be analyzed in different ways when assessing how it can impact your choice. First, look at the population size of the nearby area. You would generally want to base your practice in a place that has a high population since you will get more clients. However, do not forget about your current customer base. It is unwise to base your clinic in a place that will make your existing customers look at other options with the hope that you will get new ones. Find a compromise where you can still be accessible to your current customers while being placed where new ones can find you as well. However, all this goes down to your business’ goals and the services you have in store. When looking at the demographics, remember to analyze them regarding age and income to help you know whether they will be potential customers for your business.


This is another factor that should be looked at in different ways. You should avoid places that are full of medical practices offering the same services that you do. Keep in mind that clinics are diverse and you should find out whether the ones in that area offer what you do before making your decision. However, you can also gain an advantage from this especially if the practices are overflowing with patients and you feel that your clinic will offer refuge to those who need a new and de-congested clinic to go to. However, this requires an in-depth analysis of the numbers since finding the sweet spot can be tricky. If the area contains practices that are not directly competing with your business, you stand to benefit from it due to referrals. Most clinics are located around hospitals, but since most procedures nowadays are done as an outpatient, practices are no longer tied to the hospitals. Without this constraint, you get an advantage since you can find a better space that is priced economically.



The location you pick for your medical practice must be accessible for the patients. Look at the nearby amenities and how people in that area commute from their homes. If they commute to and from a close city, consider basing your place near a train station or bus route. You should ideally select a location that is within twenty minutes of the residential area you are targeting. Other aspects surrounding the accessibility are the parking and facilities for the elderly and disabled. Look at your hours of operation since they give you an edge over your competition.

Type Of Building

The available spaces for your practice will be on different types of buildings with the most common options being standalone offices, single unit buildings, office parks or hospital owner properties among others. You should understand the pros and cons of all these office spaces before picking one.

For the standalone buildings, you get the advantage of them being a unique place for any brand, and you can fully customize your clinic. The downside is that their cost is high. Strip malls are perfect locations for your practice, and you can negotiate a tenant improvement kitty with the landlord. However, they are high cost, non-discrete and have limited parking space. Office parks are cheaper to rent and offer a secret location for patents. However, they are harder to access, and the lease terms may not be suited to small tenants. Hospital owned properties are easy to access and will most likely require minimal build out. However, they still offer the hospital feeling and have lots of restrictions.

All the mentioned tips are dependent on the type of clinic you have since that is what will help you determine the best office space for you.

If you need help finding medical office space in Tulsa, contact us today and we will help you find the perfect location.