The Different Commercial Real Estate Investment Opportunities

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There are numerous approaches to consider when looking for investment opportunities. However, real estate is one of the most demonstrated methods for getting exceptional returns over time.  Even though it cost more to acquire commercial properties, the return is very stable and will bring years of revenue with it.


Commercial real estate investing is a wide term used to refer to real property investment with the intention of generating returns. Some examples of commercial property investments include medical centers, hotels, malls, schools, warehouses, office blocks, farmlands, and apartment buildings.  There are many opportunities to look for in your local area, it just depends on the your situation and what your preference is.

Investing resources into real estate for profits has proven to be a viable business model with attractive long-term returns and very low risk compared to other options. However, there are investors who are yet to grasp the real estate investment concept partly due to lack of sufficient business information or due to their lack of interest in the specific sector.

There are some key differences between real estate investing and conventional investing techniques such as insurance, stocks, and bonds. Contrary to how stocks and securities are traded on a daily basis within the exchange markets, real estate adopts a long-term model with actual value being spread over a long period of time and with less risk of a market crash in terms of frequency.  That is not to say that real estate crashes don’t happen, its just that the real estate market is not as volatile as the stock market.

There are two ways to make money with this business model of owning commercial property.  One is the receiving rent money or leasing out your property monthly for a fee, and the other is having the value of the property increase over time and selling it for hopefully more profit than you bought it for.  Overtime, more often than not your property will increase in value, unless it was too much overvalued from the get-go.   Leasing out your property is a sure way to get a great ROI every year for as long as you have the property. Below we cover the different options there are for commercial property investing.

Rental Income

Inhabitants vary over a wide range of real estate properties. It should also be noted that with numerous tenants means diversifying in different business sectors which may pose different property administration needs, and rent agreements. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Office: Parking Spaces And Cubicles.

In some cases, the occupants would be a startup business or an established law firm. The organizations pay for the lease and have rent terms in the range of five to ten years at a go.  This is a less common real estate venture, but it is still one you can count that will yield a ROI for years to come.  Additionally you can charge cars to park daily or take a percentage of your leaser parking toll monthly revenue.  With parking spaces getting more difficult to find, it is a no-brainer investment that provides a safe return over the years.

2.Apartment Buildings:

Multi-family condo structures normally have people or families as inhabitants. Leases can be short term or long term, however, most lease agreements don’t run past one year since the tenants tend to want to move due to factors such as change of a work place, educational reasons or growth in families.

You as the owner can get a great ROI, and also charge temporary tenants for short term leases almost like a hotel for a higher rent cost

This building can have more occupants and leases to oversee, and more transactions to process every month.

3. Industrial: Smokestacks And Warehouses

An average inhabitant may be an assembling or conveyance organization. These properties are mostly situated in specific zones away from most of the residential areas. This is determined by the type of business activities operated within the premises. Some countries have strict laws on a location of industrial parts also attributed to noise and air pollution. Rental lengths are mostly designed to last for a long time mostly more than 5 years depending on the nature of the business.

This type of commercial real estate investment provides a less hectic opportunity due to the fact that the property owner might only be required to work with a single tenant occupying a substantially big premise.

Value Add And Appreciation

The second option for potentially high returns in commercial real estate property investment comes from land and property speculation as well as improving the quality of the property at a lower cost and selling it to recover the initial investment, the upgrading costs as well as making a profit.

Properties can likewise lose value, and even the most restrained, demonstrated venture systems can’t guarantee profits due to uncontrollable monetary powers that may emerge.

When all is said in done, real estate is an extraordinary and rare revenue resource on its own class. More land can’t just be “made” within a high-value city, this shortage is increased by the demand of property within a specific area. On the off chance that there’s a high demand for real estate development within your area of investment, you will be likely to earn more due to appreciation in value which will also translate to getting high returns from rental leases. While imminent purchasers will pay a higher cost than you paid initially to take it off your hands.

Property appreciation due to demand isn’t the only way to measure the possible return on investment. Numerous financial specialists take a dynamic “esteem approach” looking into a way to deal with business land value increments, making upgrades to the property to build its characteristics or its potential to easily get sold

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